It’s Carnival!

Carnival is a fiesta generally held in February in my país.  The gente like to put on disfraces and parade around.  Although Carnival is held throughout the entire país, the lugar known for its carnival is La Vega.  In our part of the país in the Suroeste, Carnival came late this year.  In Abril, A neighboring […]

R.I.P. Tico el Gatico

I have noticias muy tristes.  My amigo and Erin Chinola’s dear compañero Tico (el Gatico) passed away in April.  Tico was part of our familia for nearly 2 años, always affectionately by Erin Chinola’s side.  Although he was a little guy, his personality made him larger than life.  Erin brought him home when he was […]

¡The River Otra Vez!

Erin Chinola had another oportunidad to visitar El Río Mijo  otra vez in Abril!  This was a very special paseo with her grupo de amigos from our comunidad.  With Jean Carlos and Victoria, Joeli and Anduli, and a couple other amigos, they coooked pollo and arroz over an open fire,  arranged an ensalada,  and played […]

Semana Santa and the River!

In our part of the país, Semana Santa or Easter Week is a weeklong fiesta  spent  with many paseos to our beautiful neighboring río El Río Mijo (mi río favorito!).  Family members come over from the capital to visitar and compartir with their family in the campo.  Erin Chinola took a paseo to El Rio […]

Erin Chinola’s Extension & The Junta de Vecinos’ 1st Project: PISOS!

¡Tengo noticias grandes, mis amigos!  Erin Chinola has decided to extend her service for 4 more meses to assist the Junta de Vecinos in their first large-scale community project.  It’s a first in our historia working together with my comunidad. After being approached by Jean Carlos (Erin Chinola’s buen amigo and stove tecnico) about the […]

A Fogota with Friends!

Erin Chinola has made some amigos muy buenos in our campo.  She often tells me how much she appreciates her amigos Dominicanos (la gente y los animales también) and how much they have helped enrich her experience here in my país.  I can only imagine it being super difícil to dejar your familia and all […]

COS Conference: Swear-In Group 517-11-01

March held Swear-In Group 517-11-01’s  “Close-of-Service” Conference where Erin Chinola and her fellow volunteers received information about adjusting to post Peace Corps life and all of the services available to ease their transition back into the U.S.  Erin’s Environment Sector group got together and took a foto representing the many Dominican stereotypes that they have encountered […]

Talkin’ About Trash: Brigada Verde’s Community Presentation

In the month of Febrero, the youth medio ambiente club, Brigada Verde, held a special charla about trash management for the entire comunidad.  Their mission was to raise the community’s awareness about the different classifications of basura (the Buena and the Mala), how to manage these different classifications, and the benefits and consequences of basura […]

Día de San Valentín

Valentine’s Day in the Republica Dominicana is known as the Dia del Amor y la Amistad. Erin Chinola invited some of her special friends to feast on the campo version of the famosa Lover’s Lasagna at her house. The Lover’s Lasagna was made in an olla de horno, a pan that allows you to bake […]

¡Mas Visitas!

Erin Chinola and I would like to dar gracias to all of our dear amigos who have braved the trip to the “Oeste Salvaje” to visit us.  We may not have playas, but there’s never a shortage of amistad and hospitalidad.  Además, many visitors love the oportunidad to ride a caballo bien manso como yo!  […]